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Gaming 3D projector

A lot of people love video games. Standard gaming on an LCD monitor is very popular. But hardcore players love a better experience. Gaming on a 3D TV is not very good, the screen is small in comparison to what the projector can offer. The 3D projector can create really stunning gaming experience where you will become a part of the virtual world. Flight simulators, as well as FPS games, will become an awesome experience not just for you, but also for others sitting with you on the couch and watching.

A community of people who love flight simulators is well known for making their own physical flight simulators and often use 3D projectors for an absolutely realistic experience. Sometimes it’s not just one projector, but two for ultra-wide-angle view.

But a 3D projector has to be well suited for gaming. What are the priorities for the best 3D projector suitable for playing games?

Playing a game with high lag is definitely uncomfortable, sometimes unplayable. For accurate aiming, or fast reactions – lag has to be as low as it goes. Lag means the time between you move the move – to the reaction on screen. You will see an enemy, you will move the mouse but while it will happen on screen, the enemy is elsewhere.

  • High resolution

Playing games in HD is normal nowadays. Go for a high-resolution projector. You will be able to recognize much more details than on a low-res one and the picture will be more natural. There will be no visible raster. By high resolution, we mean 1920 x 1080.

  • Throw distance

Most of us don’t have giant projection rooms. One of the key aspects is the throw distance. For smaller rooms, buy a short-throw projector capable of projecting big screen sizes on a short distance. Here is a good tool to calculate distances.

  • Brightness

Brightness is very important in general, not only for gaming. Higher brightness is better – you can use an ECO mode to lower it if needed. Take in mind that both active and passive glasses darken the picture a bit. Making the room dark is not always possible. If you want to be able to play even during the day, go for high brightness.

Compare projectors in the comparison table

 Optoma HD25 – suitable gaming  3d projector

  • Low input lag (17ms)
  • High brightness (3200 Lumen)
  • Full HD resolution
  • Active 3D technology
Optoma hd25e
Optoma hd25e projector

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  1. why not use 2 projectors on a silver screen and polarizing glasses.
    I did this years ago and no one has touch my slide projectors because every thing sticks out of the screen.
    my son’s 3d televisions seam to only produce a shadow box effect (everything from the front of the screen to the back inside of the tv screen. This is very poor 3d.Let me know what we can expect into the future?
    I don’ think that the theaters have to projectors that is the reason of a poor presentation.

  2. Hi, sure, using 2 projectors and silver screen is the best choice. Also the most expensive :). This article is pretty outdated and I believe the future is Oculus Rift and similar 3d headsets.

    There are few types of theaters. Most of them use one projector which works similarly as active projection with shutter glasses, but instead of shutter glasses you have polarizing glasses and polarization of projected image is changed each frame. So you only actually see with one eye at a time, the same as with shutter glasses.

    The second is IMAX 3d. They use 2 projectors, huge screen, and polarizing glasses. That means better brightness, no flicker. Perfect.

    But the future of gaming seems to be headsets like oculus etc. 🙂

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