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Best 3D videos on youtube

Youtube supports 3D videos from the year 2011. From that time there are many good videos, animations, and movie trailers in 3D. Playing a stereoscopic video is very demanding on your CPU and graphics card. If you are having performance problems, try a different web browser.

Awesome website with a list of 3D youtube videos!

We can find stereoscopic videos using keywords like:

  • 3D sbs (3d side-by-side)
  • 3D stereo
  • yt3d
  • sbs stereo

If you wonder which 3D movies of all time were the highest-grossing visit this site.

Here are some of the best 3D videos:

Videos with the best 3D effect are usually made by companies selling stuff related to 3D – for example, 3D TV companies. These videos are made to show the 3D as best as they can. These videos can really show the capabilities of a projector. Try them! If you don’t yet have a 3D projector, try watching them with your old anaglyph glasses (if you have one).

Don’t forget about amazing 3D movies, one of them is  The Hobbit, and don’t forget about our interactive comparison chart.

If you have seen a great video on youtube, let others know in the comments!

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